The ISMC 2022 conference will take place at the International Poznan Fair,
in the Poznan Congress Centre

Poznań Congress Center
Głogowska street 10
60-734 Poznań

Poznań City

Poznań has long-time experience in organizing international meetings and events, impressive conference and hotel infrastructure, and a stimulating cultural and culinary offer. The former is modern, convenient, and centrally located and the latter combining tradition with innovation, undoubtedly making Poznań a potentially exhilarating experience for both WCTR delegates and participants. It combines a unique heritage with a rich cultural offer, lively atmosphere, and spirit of entrepreneurship. Poznań is a dynamic city, where almost 1,100 years ago, the Polish state emerged. Populated by 540,000 inhabitants, it is the 5th largest and most popular destination in Poland, located at the heart of Europe. Over 120,000 students make the city teem with life. International events play a vital role in the local economy. Since 1921, Poznań has been host to the most prominent trade shows in the country, organized by Grupa MTP (and Poznań Congress Center), the largest exhibition and meetings organizer in Central-Eastern Europe.

Poznań, the capital of the region of Greater Poland (Polonia Maior, Polish: Wielkopolska), is inhabited by over half a million well-organized, economically minded, and hospitable people. The city is located at the crossroad of the largest European transportation routes connecting Moscow with Berlin, Paris and Madrid, Budapest and Prague with the Baltic coast, and the Scandinavian Peninsula. This city location, which favours the coexistence of many nationalities and cultures, was conducive to Poznań being an important meeting place in Europe. For over 750 years, many events significant for the history of Poland and Europe have taken place in Poznań. The areas around Poznań played a crucial role in Polish history. The region, which later became known as Greater Poland (Wielkopolska), was the cradle of Polish statehood. The Cathedral on the island of Ostrow Tumski is the oldest in Poland and in 966 Prince Mieszko I was baptised here, starting Christianity as the official religion.

Greater Poland (Wielkopolska) from its very beginnings was in the sphere of West European influence. The historical process shaped the specific ethos of the region's inhabitants, which became particularly visible in the 19th and 20th centuries. The inhabitants of Poznań are well known for their flair for thriftiness, good organization of work, and rational actions. The city's economic potential is its great asset – a good and stable economic situation, a high level of entrepreneurship, and, first of all, human capital. Poznań is one of Poland's most important academic centres, with 8 large states and several private universities.

Poznań Palm House

The Poznań Palm House is the largest palm house in Poland and one of the largest in Europe.
Built in 1911, the Palm House has a massed huge collections of plants, thus becoming one of the biggest institutions of this kind in Europe. It has 17 thousand plants of 1100 species and subspecies from the Mediterranean, subtropical, tropical, savannah and desert climates.
MOreover, it has 37 water tanks, ​with 170 species of fish from around the world and about 40 species of aquatic plants.

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Porta Posnania

The main exhibition presents the history of the unique place, which is the Cathedral Island next to Porta Posnania. It covers the period from the foundation of the castle in the 10th century to the present day. It tells the story of people, events and moments of crucial importance for the Poznan Cathedral Island, which was a place where science, art and commerce could flourish. The presentation of more than a thousand years of history allows to understand the changes that have taken place over the centuries.

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The Royal-Imperial Route

The Royal-Imperial Route leads through the Old Town Cultural Park in Poznań, which is a culturally-precious area under special conservatorial protection and care. Its name refers to the monarchs who lived or visited Poznań in the course of its one-thousand-year-old history.
Follow the Route treaded by 40 generations of Poznań inhabitants. You will reach locations which tell astonishing stories. You will encounter historic sites and figures that have witnessed the city's history.

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Poznań is a very compact city, therefore the diverse range of accommodation are available, from top 5-star hotels to modern and budget-friendly hostels, are mainly located comfortably within the city center). A wide range of centrally located hotels belong to renowned chains e.x. Sheraton, Accor Hotels (Mercure, Novotel), Hampton by Hilton, Park Inn by Radisson, Moxy, etc.

In agreement with the Technical Operator of the Congress, we provide a list of addresses of hotels in Poznań,
where more favorable prices for Congress guests have been established.
To take advantage of the offer requires making a reservation through the Technical Organizer, Ms Joanna Roś  (contact given below.
The given price includes breakfast and VAT

Hotel Standard Adress Single room
Double room
Amount of rooms available (including single rooms)
***** ul. Bukowska 3/9, Poznań 410.40 PLN
464.40 PLN
10 (10)
Mercure Poznań Centrum **** ul. Roosevelta 20, Poznań 360 PLN
390 PLN
70 (30)
Moderno **** ul. Kolejowa 29, Poznań 260 PLN
310 PLN
30 (15)
Novotel Poznań Centrum **** Pl. Andersa 1, Poznań 350 PLN
390 PLN
50 (25)
Ibis Poznań Centrum *** Pl. Andersa 1, Poznań 300 PLN
330 PLN
80 (40)
Hotel Gaja
*** ul. Gajowa 12, Poznań
200 PLN
240 PLN
15 (15)



Conference secretary - Roksana Markiewicz
Adam Mickiewicz University Poznań NanoBioMedical Centre
Wszechnicy Piastowskiej 3, 61-614 Poznań, POLAND
Phone: +48 61 829 67 06



Maciej Herkt
Poznan Congress Center
Głogowska 10, 60-734 Poznań , POLAND



Joanna Roś

Poznan Congress Center
Głogowska 10, 60-734 Poznań , POLAND

phone: ​ (+48) 61 865 38 69
fax: (+48) 61 866 61 34
mobile: (+48) 609 678 321


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